Friday, March 18, 2011

My N=1 Experiment Part 7

So first, the numbers:

Avg Calories: 2184
Fat: 157.1 g or 65% of calories
Protein: 108.4g or 20% of calories
Carbs: 104.6g or 15% of calories
Fiber: 26.3 g

Weight: 212.2
Body Fat 24.8%

So the first thing to take note of is that my carbs have gone way up as has my fiber. This is partly due to me adding berries into my diet (berries + cream + stevia + vanilla = AWESOME) and partly because I've pretty much doubled my veggie intake, if not more. This is due to my reaction to the gout diagnosis last week. I also eliminated alcohol for now and added mucho supplementation (fish oil, multi-vitamin, vitamin C, vitamin D and folic acid).

The next thing to notice is that my weight went down, body fat went up a bit and my plateau continues. I did very very little exercise this week because of the gout making me worry about aggravating things. That will change this week so perhaps some things will shift.

For now, I'm becoming convinced that between 210-212 is the weight I'm going to be unless I do consistent smart exercise. I say smart because I know intense Cross Fit type workouts are not for me (not that Cross Fit isn't 'smart' but...) By smart, I mean exercise I can do consistently, that challenges me 2-3 times a week (2 'lift heavy things' workouts and 1 interval workout) without completely exhausting me so I can't enjoy the other aspects of my life. I don't believe lowering the calories will do too much to make things move as I have eaten 1800 calories and seen no movement.

The good news is that by adding fruit (berries only) into my diet and increasing my veggie intake, I did not seem to add weight. Whether that holds up in the next couple weeks will be seen but it is encouraging. On a personal note, my energy seems to be a bit better (although that could be the supplements or the improvement in the weather) and I generally feel better having a bit more variety in my food choices.

So that's the plan this week. Exercise and stay the course in the diet.

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