Friday, April 15, 2011

Am I Done Yet?

So this has been on my mind for a few weeks now. When do I know if I'm as slim as I can be given the current dietary interventions I have made? I have been plateaued between 210 and 215 pounds for a very long time. I know I can get below that below if I go on a fat fast but I don't know that that is my favorite thing. Not that I don't think it's healthy in the short run but that loss tends to be a bit fleeting.

So is this level of weight the best I can hope for unless I add exercise into the mix in a bigger way than I have been. I suspect the answer is yes. I could go much lower calorie I suppose, but I don't believe that is the healthiest option. No telling that the body won't pull as much energy from protein to make up the deficit than it would from fat.

 I've been trying to get the exercise thing going for a while now but between gout, travel, and general malaise due to the longest fucking winter ever, I haven't been able to get any momentum. I am going to try again this week.

BTW, I have pretty much stopped weighing myself too. I have a love hate (mostly hate) relationship with my scale. I love it when the weight moves lower, hate it otherwise. I don't really need the aggravation any more.

So what does that mean for my n=1 experiment. It's still on. I'll check in on my weight in a few months For now, I'll check in hopefully weekly on the blog to describe what I am doing exercise wise and how I am feeling in general (how my clothes are fitting).

Wish me luck!


  1. Good Luck!!! what type of exercise are you planning?

  2. Thanks! I read Primal Blueprint by Mark Sisson a while ago so I intend to follow his basic framework. So:

    1) Walk alot
    2) 2-3 times a week, lift heavy things
    3) every 7-10 days, do some sprints

    For the lift heavy things, I'm going to in the short term do a Slow Burn workout that a reader recommended in comments on another post. I've done it a couple times and found that I truly tire out my muscles lifting more slowly. I haven't been consistent enough to see any real results yet.

    For the sprinting, I am probably doing to do tabata sprints on the tread mill. So that means 20 second high intensity runs followed by 10 second rest periods. Maximum of 8 sprints.

    That's where I'm going to start with this.

    Thanks again for the wishes!

  3. I have really enjoyed using the Primal Blueprint. The sprints are hard, but they make such a big impact, and at least they don't last very long.

  4. Best of luck in your intentions in losing your extra weight.
    i would like to add one thing "what ever you do do it till end with out stopping it before getting the results"

  5. hi ........ just want to know how much u succeed in weight loss...any updates.


  6. Hi Aileen,

    Thanks for asking. Well, I haven't lost any more weight I don't believe but I've changed into a different mode. I've had a blog post brewing in my head that I think I'll get to today.

    Hope things are good with you.