Saturday, October 30, 2010

Something off my chest

I agree with conservatives that government should be limited I just disagree on the limits. I think government should not be allowed to stop a woman from making health decisions based on some misguided belief as to whether or not a dividing cell with no brain is a human. I believe government should not decide which two people who love each other can marry. The government should be limited as to which countries it decides to bomb and invade. The government should be very limited as to what decisions it makes on a citizen's behalf. </span>

However i think government should ensure access to all citizens to the basics tools to survive and succeed. Access to a decent education and healthcare without the danger of bankruptcy are a couple of those basics. Individuals choice to go to school or get decent health care should not be limited by their ability to pay.
The extreme conservative movement believes in the opposite limitations. They think government should stop certain people from marrying and women from choosing whether or not to carry their rapists baby to term. They think government should limit people's choices but that government should be limited in what it provides as basics to their citizens. Oddly I don't think they believe government should be limited to what it provides to the wealthy in terms of tax breaks or to corporations in teems of incentives to do business. But if you want to go to college but can't afford better hope some individual or group will help you out cuz the taxpayer shouldn't have to. That money is only supposed to go to some business hat isn't making enough money. Or to buy bombs or bullets to kill some poor schmuck who is standing in the way of some corporate interest.
I find it interesting where they do see appropriate limits to government and where they think government should be allowed to intrude into the lives of others. Some call it hypocritical. I guess I agree but there seems to be something sociopathic about it too.
Oh and to those libertarians out there. I believe in the free market is great for many things but don't try to sell me some snake oil that if it weren't for government everyone could access healthcare and a good education without fear of bankruptcy or that if it there wasn't regulation companies wouldn't pollute. You can't just say that is true without explaining how it would work and so far every explanation I hear about how it would work has been total bull.
Ok there I got that off my chest. Now I can get back to my coffee.

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