Friday, October 8, 2010

Where are the reasonable Republicans

This guy is an asshole. He wants to talk about what he says are the 'issues in this election' but what he wants to talk about is what his opponent has done, not what he will do, not about what he believes or stands for.

Now, I have a bit of a conservative bent when it comes to some things. I don't believe the government should do things that the private sector can do better. I just don't believe health and education are two of those things.

The thing I can't stand is when any politician or personality uses the 'you took that out of context' line without being willing to put it into context. Yes, in this interview Rachel Maddow took quotes from quite a while ago that are a bit nutty but this guy looks to be evasive about those actual quotes and while I'm sure his base loves that he confronted Rachel but they are going to vote for him anyway. If he really wants to appeal past that point, all he really needs to say is 'yes I said that' and either 'I stand by it' or 'I've re-examined those beliefs in the years since and I no longer hold them' but rather he accuses her of lying when she clearly isn't, accuses her of sarcasm when she is clearly not being so and continues to talk over her questions and frankly looks like an asshole.

Now I know Rachel has an opinion and an agenda. I don't think she would argue with that. But I have to believe that there are some conservatives that would be willing to debate her or any other liberal without resorting to name calling or speaking over questions to avoid answering them. Someone must actually believe in their 'conservative' ideals without having to resort to this crap. Look, if you really believe that it is morally wrong and should be illegal for a rape victim to abort her rapists baby, say it, hold your head up high and say it. Accept that you are in a democratic republic where the voters may disagree with you, or the constitution may disagree with you but say it. The point of a democracy is that people will disagree but the most widely held opinion will be acted upon. Both the left and the right needs to deal with that.

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