Friday, February 11, 2011

Bad Science

Ok, I was listening to one of my Paleo podcasts (Latest in Paleo) and heard Dr. Oz (shiver) saying that fat and sugar may be as addictive as cocaine. Ok, sugar I can see but what evidence is there that fat is? Well, I googled and found several articles like this:

They all referenced this study of rats. Three groups, one fed a normal diet, one fed a 'high fat high sugar' diet for one hour a day (sausages, cake, frosting, etc) for just one hour a day, and one fed the 'high fat high sugar' diet for 23 hours a day.

"Remarkably" the rats fed the high fat high sugar diet reacted like addicts. Hmmm... must be both the sugar and t fat right? No need to test each individually right? I mean that would be silly, it must be most because fat is bad right? Everyone knows that...

Geez, this stuff pisses me off. Don't bother to find out what specifically causes the problem. So if I run around in the middle of a busy highway with a black leather jacket on, it must be the combination of both that causes me to get hit by a car, right? No need to try it without the jacket, or with some other attire, the black leather jacket must be bad for me and have contributed a bit to me getting hit, right?

Anyway, Tom Naughton of Fat Head fame had a very good blog post on this too..

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